"Improve Your Profit Performance"
​Optimize oil & gas production by knowing the PBHP,Producing Bottom Hole Pressure
​and SBHP, Static Bottom Hole Pressure, and how it affects the formation.

Echometer Acoustic Fluid Level Gun

Dynamometer Card used to Balance & Optimize Pumping Units.

  • SFLWELL LLC Balance & Optimize Pumping Units with Dynamometer
  • SFLWELL LLC Shoot Fluid Level in Oil & Gas Wells with Echometer
  • TWM System Total Well Management with computer analysis.

We shoot fluid levels with Echometer equipment in flowing & gas plunger lift wells and beam pumping unit wells. Dynamometer Analyzer Test optimize equipment proficiency and increase oil & gas production.  Lower Bottom Hole Pressure, BHP, equals an increase in oil & gas production.  We can find holes in tubing & casing before a well has to be pulled to discover why the production is down, savings thousands of dollars.

SFLWELL LLC  S​hoot Fluid Level in Oil Gas Wells with Echometer



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Shoot Fluid Level: 

                                  MECHANICAL INTEGRITY TEST (MIT)
                                        “NO Pulling Unit Rig or Pump Truck Required”

OKLAHOMA STATE LAW – MIT FORM 1075 COMPLIANCE requires as follows:
A. Injection rate “Permitted” for more than 20,000 bbl per day: Annual MIT
B. Injection rate “Permitted” for less than 20,000 bbl per day: 5 Year MIT
C. New Permits in Earthquake Zones, 60 Day MIT for 6 Months.
D.  Commercial SWD – Annual MIT

TEXAS STATE LAW – FORM  H-15 requires:
A.  Inactive Wells more than 25 years old:  Annual Fluid Level Test or 5 Year MIT
B.  Active Disposal & Injection wells H5 MIT test varies from 1 to 5 years.

Determine if downhole conditions of the well could create a liability by invading or disturbing natural resources, including surface and subsurface water aquifers.

New UIC Permits:  Obtain required data to obtain a new UIC Permit to inject.

Test wells & provide data to comply with required state laws.

A. 2D Disposal Wells with tubing and packers: 
           1) MIT - Pressure Test with Nitrogen
           2) Acoustical Fluid Level Test, Casing Integrity Test.    
           3) SBHP.

B. 2R Injection Wells without packers:
           1) SBHP
           2) Casing Integrity down to TD or fluid level in casing,
           3) Fluid Level in well bore.

C.  SFLWELL can detect a 1/16th inch hole in casing and tubing at 5,000’.